UX.NET Web Space -- Webhosting Services UX.NET

100 Dollars per Month

400 Megabytes Space

10 POP3 Email Boxes

10 GB Transfer per Month

Redundant dual T3 & multiple T1 lines directly connected to GTE (Nap.net) and UUNET's Internet backbones

Apache 1.3.4 over Red Hat Linux 4.2 (Unix) based Dual Pentium II 450mhz servers with 1GB of RAM

Anonymous Web Based Control Panel

Free Microsoft FrontPage 98 Extensions

Daily web and home directory back-ups

Hourly operating system back-ups

24 Hour Telnet access (Unlimited Use)

24 Hour FTP access (Unlimited Use)

24 Hour Technical support via toll free (800/888) number and technical support email address (Unlimited Use)

24 Hour system monitoring by our skilled technicians

Wusage 6.0 - Graphical user statistics

Anonymous FTP (ftp.yourname.com)

CyberCash Capabilities (add $100 setup)

Support for Java, PERL 4, 5, 5.003 and 5.004, C++, TCL, and Python

POP3 (Incoming) Email using our PlusMail System

SMTP (Outgoing) Email (mail.yourdomainname.com)

Unlimited mail lists

User Agent & Referrer logs (add $10/mo.)

Error logs (add $10/mo.)

Free registration, or transfer of your domain name with the InterNIC

Anonymous Secure Server (Unlimited Use) - protect your client's online transactions from "onlookers"

Password Protected Directories - Anonymous online control panel

Real Audio / Video / G2 6.0 Server (audio and video on demand)

Registration of each domain you resell with 30 major search engines for FREE

Server Side Includes (SSI) on all pages that end with .shtm and .shtml

PHP 3.0.7

mSQL 2.0.3 Database Support

mySQL 3.2.2 Database Support

Secure Shell (SSH)

Cron Tab



Access to Raw Logs

Full Shell Account

Full Unix Development Environment

Javascript Support

MIVA Engine - Build multi-dimensional sites without CGI programming by using HTML Script Applets.

Basic Java Chat Room capabilities

Volano Chat Room capabilities

Customizable Error Messages - Instead of displaying the standard, dull "404 File Not Found," when someone mistypes a URL or file name in your domain, you change that to display your custom message, or logo.

12 CGI scripts preinstalled and ready to use for

1. Guestbook - Pre-Configured and ready to run

2. BBS - Pre-Configured and ready to run

3. Visitor Links Page - Pre-Configured and ready to

4. Site Database and Search Engine - (See Below)

5. Full Site Counter - Easily added to pages, uses

6. CGIEmail - Fully configurable forms send script. We provide sample order forms in all domains.

7. Form.cgi - Allows any form to be sent by mail or written to a database.

8. Random Text Displayer - Allows a rotation of simple sayings or quotes, uses SSI.

9. Imagemap - For clickable image redirection

10. Site Search - Simple whole site search engine

11. Single Page Shopping Cart - This commercial grade program will add all your items, figure tax, generate a sale s slip and send verification to you and your customer.

12. Click-n-Go.cgi - Page redirection selected from drop down list.


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